Custom Woodwork


I take immense pride in the custom-made clipboards I craft at Lutefisk Woodworking. Located in the charming town of Port Edwards, Wisconsin, each 11 by 16 board is handcrafted with precision. A variety of exquisite woods, handpicked for their unique grain patterns and durability, are used to construct these clipboards. From rich mahogany to honey-hued oak, the natural beauty of these woods adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace. 

What sets my clipboards apart is their impeccable quality and attention to detail. Imagine yourself in a meeting, negotiating a deal, or taking notes during an important presentation. As you reach for your Lutefisk Woodworking clip board, heads turn, and your professionalism and attention to detail are immediately evident. Not only that, but these clipboards are strong and sturdy, allowing for secure documents and ease of use. 

Don't settle for generic clipboards. Elevate your daily routine with a handcrafted masterpiece from Lutefisk Woodworking. Engage with me today to experience the allure of our Custom Woodwork collection firsthand. Unleash your inner connoisseur of craftsmanship and take the first step towards owning an extraordinary clipboard that will undoubtedly inspire envy among your peers.


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Whether you’re looking for a customized gift for a loved one or a uniquely crafted piece for your home, I’ll bring all of your ideas to life. I take personal requests to build custom woodwork, including wood-carved names, gifts, state cutouts, and maps.